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"I have read a number of different books, articles, etc. related to divorce and
remarriage, with both the adultery and the fornication views, and I have to say that
yours was one of the most well thought out and explained positions that I have
come across. Your book covers just about all the questions and objections that
opponents to the fornication view have. Thank you for taking the time and effort to
lead people back to the truth of God's heart on this issue."
-Jason Michelli

"I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching for the biblical truth on
divorce and remarriage. It is well thought out and extensively researched. I believe
it will be a helpful resource for many."
-Colleen Fleharty

Evangelical churches often teach that
Matthew's divorce exception clause
allows a person to divorce and remarry
in the case of adultery but many are
unaware that...

  • This interpretation has been
    rejected by millions of Christians
    throughout history.

  • The belief that adultery allows a
    person to divorce and remarry
    actually causes the Bible to
    contradict itself.

  • There is another, alternative
    interpretation which is supported
    by stronger historical and
    linguistic evidence which is being
    embraced by Evangelicals.

This work will take you on an incredible
and surprising journey from the 5th
century BC up until the present in an
attempt to discover the real meaning
behind Jesus' often quoted but seldom
deeply studied exception clause. This
work presents an in-depth analysis of
Matthew's "Exception Clause" found in
Matthew 19:9.
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