Across the United States marriages are failing at an almost all time
high. Much of the blame for America's marriage failure lies with
the Church who has either been confused over or outright
unwilling to teach what Jesus taught regarding marriage, divorce
and remarriage.

While many Evangelicals have allowed the world and pragmatism
to influence what their church teaches concerning marriage a
growing number of Christians are taking a stand for a return to
the Biblical teaching that marriage is for life and that no matter
what happens between a couple, there is no permission given by
God to divorce and remarry.

Using the best scholarship available, Daniel R. Jennings has
written what some consider to be the best Scriptural and Historical
defense of the Permanency of Marriage. But a book that is never
read, no matter how well written, serves little purpose.

That is why we are starting the Except For Fornication campaign.
We need your help to get the word out about this vital truth and
here are some ways that you can help spread the message.

Daniel Jennings wants the most people possible to read his research
and that is why he has placed his book online where anyone in the
world can read it for free by clicking

  • Share the link above by emailing it to all of your friends who
    believe in the permanency of marriage, as well as to those
    whom you wish would start believing in the permanency of
    marriage. (You can also download the PDF file of the book if
    you so desire).

  • Post the link on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • The paperback edition of Except For Fornication has been
    very modestly priced at only $4.99 making it cheap enough
    to buy and give away copies.

  • Give a copy to your pastor, all of the Sunday School teachers
    in your church and if your church has a board give each of
    the board members a copy and let them know that you think
    it is important for your church to consider this.

  • Consider giving away one copy to every pastor in your city.
    Surely every city has at least one person who believes in the
    permanency of marriage. If that one person would just be
    bold enough to contact all of the pastors in their city with
    this message, that could make a real difference. Here is a
    suggested letter to send with the book.

  • Share the link for this campaign with those whom you
    know believe in the permanency of marriage.

  • Call your local Christian bookstores and ask them if they
    carry "Except For Fornication". If not, encourage them to
    carry it.

  • Some Christian bookstores will allow customers to buy
    copies of a book and then have them sold through the store.
    This is called "consignment". If your local Christian store
    does not carry the title ask them if you could consign some
    copies to be sold in their store. You can buy the copies at
    $4.99 and Daniel Jennings has given permission for his
    readers to sell them at a higher price and keep the extra profit
    if they so desire. The main thing is just getting them into the
    stores so that people looking for sound Biblical teaching on
    this topic can find it when they need it.
Only $4.99 + (S&H)
Read What People Are Saying

"I have read a number of different books,
articles, etc. related to divorce and
remarriage, with both the adultery and the
fornication views, and I have to say that
yours was one of the most well thought out
and explained positions that I have come
across. Your book covers just about all the
questions and objections that opponents to
the fornication view have. Thank you for
taking the time and effort to lead people
back to the truth of God's heart on this
     -Jason Michelli

"I highly recommend this book for anyone
who is searching for the biblical truth on
divorce and remarriage. It is well thought
out and extensively researched. I believe it
will be a helpful resource for many."
    -Colleen Fleharty

Evangelical churches often teach that
Matthew's divorce exception clause
allows a person to divorce and remarry
in the case of adultery but many are
unaware that...

  • This interpretation has been
    rejected by millions of Christians
    throughout history.

  • The belief that adultery allows a
    person to divorce and remarry
    actually causes the Bible to
    contradict itself.

  • There is another, alternative
    interpretation which is supported
    by stronger historical and
    linguistic evidence which is being
    embraced by Evangelicals.

This work will take you on an incredible
and surprising journey from the 5th
century BC up until the present in an
attempt to discover the real meaning
behind Jesus' often quoted but seldom
deeply studied exception clause. This
work presents an in-depth analysis of
Matthew's "Exception Clause" found in
Matthew 19:9.
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