15 May 09: Added a new fragment of Pelagius' book Chapters and updated the synopsis for this work.

09 Apr 09: Added Julian of Eclanum's
Letter to Rufus of Thessalonica.

16 Mar 09: I want to apologize again. I realize that is has been over two years since I last added anything to the
               Patristics In English Project website. Work and other projects became overwhelming. I have some good
               news though. Pelagius' writings have been extremely popular on this site and today I added a new work by
               him. This time it was his
Confession Of Faith sent to Innocent I in Rome. Enjoy and hopefully I will have a
               new edition of all of the letters of Antony of the Desert up soon too thanks to the generous efforts of my
               lovely wife.

18 Dec 06: I really apologize for the delay in adding new stuff.  Work and school have consumed a large amount of
               my time.  I have added the
Canons from the Council of Carthage on May 1, 418 from Charles Joseph
               Hefele's History Of The Councils.  I plan on adding more council information from Hefele in the future.

11 Oct 06: Added a new translation of
Antony of the Desert's Letter To Theodore.

02 Aug 06: Added a nice logo to the

26 Jul 06: Added Timasius and Jacobus'
letter to Augustine of Hippo (No. 168 in Augustine's collected letters)
regarding Pelagius.

10 Jul 06: Added Pelagius'
Written Anathema and Chapters.  Also added Coelestius' Unnamed Books and
Written Statement of Belief.  I think that I am done with Pelagius for a while.  I think there are more  f
             fragments of his but I feel that I have adequately given people enough of the man's writings so that they
             can form an opinion on what he taught.  It seems a shame that it has taken over one hundred years for
             someone to do this.

5 Jul 06: Added the reconstructed fragments of
Pelagius' Synod at Lydda in 415AD.

01 Jul 06: Added a
Contact Us page.  About time I guess after about eight months of being online ;-).

22 Jun 06: Added the fragments of Coelestius' 411 or 412AD
Trial At Carthage from Augustine and Marius Mercator.

18 Jun 06: Added the fragments of Pelagius'
Letter to Pope Innocent I from Augustine's "On the Grace of Christ, and
              on Original Sin".

16 Jun 06: Added the fragments of Pelagius'
Defense Of The Freedom of The Will as they are found in Augustine's
              "On the Grace of Christ, and on Original Sin".  I apologize for the long delay in getting more texts out.  I
              have been swamped with a number of other things all going on at the same time.

17 Mar 06: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!  I have added a feature that will allow people to translate and have it
               immediately published to the web.  The URL is
here.  Just follow the instructions on the page if you would
               like to give a hand to translating.  Our first text, a test of sorts, is a letter by Venerable Bede.  Happy

25 Feb 06: Added the
Fragments of the Elders, quotations from the disciples of the apostles and their disciples as
               they were recorded in Irenaeus of Lyon's Against Heresies.

15 Feb 06: Added some more letters of Constantine.  Thank you
Roger Pearse for scanning and placing Optatus of
Against The Donatists online from which these letters came.  There are now only five letters left  
               before the complete collection of Constantine's letters is available online.

10 Feb 06: Added the fragments of
The Definitions, So It Is Said, Of Coelestius.

09 Feb 06: Added the fragments of Pelagius'
On Nature.

19 JAN 06: Added a page on how those interested in the work of the Patristics In English Project can
help us.

19 JAN 06: More
Laws added for Roman Emperor Arcadius.  This completes all of the laws for Arcadius, Valens and
              Julian the Apostate from Book 1 of the Codex Justinian.  Just about 11 more books to go.

19 JAN 06: Added
Part 4 of The Rule Of Pachomius.  This completes the Rule and appears to be the only Public
               Domain English copy available anywhere.

18 JAN 06: Added
Part 3 of The Rule Of Pachomius.

17 JAN 06: Added
Part 2 of The Rule Of Pachomius.

13 Jan 06: Added some Laws for Valens and Arcadius.

04 Jan 06: Started adding the
Laws of Roman Emperor Valens.

04 Jan 06: Added the fragments of two
Letters of Pelagius.  One to a presbyter and one to Augustine of Hippo.

04 Jan 06: Added Petilian (The Donatist's)
Encyclical Letter To The Donatists.

03 Jan 06: Added Julian of Eclanum's
Letter To Rome.

03 Jan 06: Added
Part 1 of The Rule Of Pachomius, made available by the kind generosity of my lovely wife.

28 Dec 05: Started to add the
laws of Arcadius.

28 Dec 05: Started to add the
laws of Julian the Apostate, part of an effort to place the laws of the Roman Emperors  
               from Constantine up online.

27 Dec 05: Added
Book 3 of Constantine the Great's letters.

26 Dec 05: Added Eusebius of Caesarea's
Panegyric Upon The Building of The Churches.

26 Dec 05: Added more letters for
Book 2 of Constantine the Great.

26 Dec 05: Added twenty-two of the Fifty Spiritual Homilies of Macarius the Egyptian.  These were from the edition
of                     the Christian Library edited by John Wesley, Vol. 1 and were placed on the website as Homilies
6-11                     and 12-22.

26 Dec 05: Added Eusebius of Caesarea's
letter to Caesarea from the Council of Nicea explaining why they
now                            needed to reject Arian doctrine.

23 Dec 05: Started adding the known letters of Constantine the Great,
Book 1.

29 Nov 05: Added
Jerome's preface to the Rule of Pachomius, a new translation by my lovely wife.

19 Dec 05: Added the
fragments of Papias including the passage that J. B. Lightfoot chose not to translate for
his                          edition of the Apostolic Fathers.

22 Nov 05: Complete known works of Cornelius I added (
three letters).

19 Nov 05: Antony of the Desert's
Sermon on Demons added, taken from the Life of Antony by Athanasius.

19 Nov 05: Eusebius of Caesarea's
letters to Alexander and Euphration added.