Written Anathema
Reconstructed by Daniel R. Jennings, MA

Synopsis: Around 418 Pelagius was asked by Albina, Pinianus, and Melania, wealthy Roman converts to Christianity,
to provide a written condemnation of all that had been alleged against him.  In response he provided the following
anathema in their presence.  It is unclear whether this is the complete written statement or just a fragment.  It is found
quoted in Augustine of Hippo’s two part work "On The Grace Of Christ, And On Original Sin".

"I anathematize the man who either thinks or says that the grace of God, whereby 'Christ Jesus came into the world to
save sinners,' is not necessary not only for ever hour and for every moment, but also for every act of our lives: and
those who endeavor to disannul it deserve everlasting punishment."

-Signed by Pelagius