FAITH: God's Answer For Your
Disappointments And Suffering
What do we do when life goes completely
contrary to the way we feel it should? How
do we handle life's disappointments,
heartaches and let downs?

All people suffer but not all respond
appropriately to their sufferings. For some,
suffering turns to bitterness and
unforgiveness towards God. For others it
turns to despair and, sometimes, even
suicide and we are led to ask the question
how does one handle the big (and small)
setbacks, hurts and disappointments that
we all experience.

In 2012 the author entered into a season
of suffering unlike any he had experienced
before and found himself faced with many
questions for which he had no answer:
Where was God? Why had He abandoned
him? What should he do? Who can help?
As he journeyed through the darkest night
of his soul he discovered a way of looking
at life that not only made sense of the
suffering he was experiencing but also
helped him to see suffering in a way he
had never seen it before as he looked at it
through the lens of faith.

In this book the author provides hope for
every hurting soul, demonstrating that no
matter how hurtful your situation has
been, there is good behind and in it and
though you may have felt like God was
nowhere to be found He was there with
you all of the time.
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